About Climate Concept

With technology we try to achieve comfortable climates for building occupants, create the best possible conditions to grow crops, optimize the conditions for production processes and use it in many other situations in our built environment.

Unfortunately, this technology regularly misses the targeted effect, leaving people disappointed behind.

Every building and its systems should be considered as a prototype: most of them have never been built before in that particular shape or for that particular usage. How can we make sure that systems meet their goals?

For predicting the behaviour of HVAC systems, the available tools have developed rapidly over the last few decades.

Climate Concept uses the best and most advanced computer modelling techniques to find the best answer for questions related to non-domestic HVAC systems.

Digital prototyping can tell us what works, and what doesn’t.

Climate Concept does not sell any equipment, but focusses on solutions. This makes it possible to be completely independent.

Since 1999 several software programs have been used to solve hundreds of puzzles, both for existing project and newly designed buildings.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) plays an important role in this process.

CFD is the best available tool to predict fluid flow, heat transfer, contamination dispersion etcetera, making it very useful for all kinds of engineering tasks, from airplane design to plumbing.

With the nature of fluid flow simulations being very complex and costly, the usage of CFD for HVAC design is very limited. Let us help you to use the power of simulations.


Some examples of where CFD was used to successfully solve engineering tasks are:

  • Aluminium refineries

  • Glass manufacturing

  • Steel factories

  • Paper mills

  • Waste incineration plants

  • Energy plants

  • Food industry

  • Welding shops

  • Plastic industry

  • Tire factories

  • Warehouses

  • Offices

  • Many other industries